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Independent Underground Radio Network is Michigan’s TOP Progressive-Left-Independent Politics Analysis, Discussion, Debate, Commentary, and Talk Radio Network known as “Detroit’s Voice of Progress” with over 4.5 million downloads and listens since 2010.

@IURadioNetwork’s app will allow for current subscribers and potential new listeners to our program, to directly stream our shows: Independent Underground Radio LIVE w/ Monica RW, Constitutionally Speaking w/ Autumn S., 3WF – Third Wave Feminism w/ Jenni and Diana, and Penny’s Politics Radio w/ Penny S.

Potential guests for any of @IURadioNetwork programs can apply to be a Show Guest directly via the app, along with @IURadioNetwork listeners can directly send a comment or question to the shows.

Connect with the latest political news and information, share comments on the show immediately on listeners social media networks, view stock, convert currency and more via @IURadioNetwork app.

Funds raised by the app, will go directly to support @IURadioNetwork’s hosts, production, and network operations. Keep Independent Left Media Strong and Thriving by downloading @IURadioNetwork’s app! Enjoy!

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Requirements: 4.1 and up

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