Here’s the Iron Desert Mod Download Android strategy game and Prepare to become the grasp leader, of the dark wasteland! From My originators of such wargames as Development and Rainforest Warmth! Complete mastery over your foe, strong artillery, your personal military foundation, energetic conflicts for assets, and contemporary war anticipate you. At just light tanks may be available, then the primary chopper that is tactical, and this can be just the start. Begin building your ground forces and performing conflict, and you are going to immediately discover that there is never such a pleasing and attractive wargame online! The sport is optimised for tablets and smartphones.

Iron Desert

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Always recall your primary aims: foundation the modern military, shield, the greatest artillery when trying for success. And, needless to say, strategies! Once you also make sure the shield structure of your key order level is consistently on best and update your military base, you may start capturing land confidently. Deliver aquariums into a fight, destroy your opponents’ angles, consider assets that are useful, and become more affluent, more important, and more powerful!

Iron Desert – Fire Storm Updated/Latest Version:

Download Iron Desert - Fire Storm GameModded Android strategy game


  • Powerful conflict: deftly problem requests all through conflict to change the class of events in your benefit.
  • Conflicts against additional gamer’s: attack enemy base’s, consider assets, in brief: command. Each adversary military should be ruined; each conflict should be won!
  • Evaluations and events aim for success and make the title of greatest leader.
  • Intriguing story line: participate in fascinating efforts, free prisoner areas, and bring in large benefits on your accomplishments.
  • Realistic images and a great soundtrack: forget about everything around you and throw yourself in the sport!

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Needless to say, there are also adversaries that are harmful: You get the better of his henchman Leader Keloid, must overthrow the crazy tyrant, Metal Monster, and free the country. Join additional gamers, produce your own family, take part in PvP-conflicts, and routine into the dirt all who stand in the right path in relation to rule the wasteland!

What’s with the MOD?

  • Infinite Money Mod


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