KosChertified? Grocery List + 1

Long overdue and much welcomed, the KosChertified? app is a tool to make you a better-informed consumer at the grocery store while providing a brief, yet comprehensive look at the kosher certification industry. It features a database of products that DO NOT display an obvious kosher certification seal on its label. So for those consumers not requiring to follow strict religious dietary laws, this will allow them to exercise their dietary free will in choosing non-certified products where available. For those kosher-keeping shoppers, this can be used as a “check” on products to avoid. And anyone familiar with these kosher certification stamps knows that it can be quite a chore to locate and identify, as they are usually obscure and small. After acquainting yourself with this app, you certainly will become more “kosher-aware”!

There already are numerous apps that provide confirmation of whether a product IS kosher certified. This app is the first to show those products that have not received such certification. With the KosChertified? app, you can:
– create grocery lists to be conveniently used at the store, reflecting your personal choice in a sea of kosher food
– get eduKated on many aspects of the kosher food world, as they pertain to YOU and others of all faiths and ethnicities
– discover how the kosher certification symbols are presented, and which categories of food products are more likely to carry them
– learn a little about the history of this certification process, as well as amusing facts that might peak your interest
– help contribute to our database of products NOT kosher-certified, so that all end-users can have the most robust selection available at their fingertips
– develop a new personal filter in your grocery purchase habits that can not only better define how you were meant to eat, but help you become who you are

Category: Shopping
Requirements: 2.3.3 and up

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