Here’s the Lanota Mod Android game which is a relaxing and story mix of tempo sport, roleplaying with sport and picture book for every inquisitive thought, offered from Taiwan by game designers for you. A tragedy that denies seeming and every colour is slowly etching the planet. Join the experience of the hero and heroine in Lanota, research a haze-protected guide and regain the globe by fine “tuning” in the place of each period, study a picture book that exemplifies issues occurred on the trip, and gather products and parts of songs as the narrative advances!


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The story occurs in a planet similar to the people used to understand but somehow slightly different. Join the trip of the figures that are principal – Fisica -* * ” alter the “ disordered Notalium into their “ ordered condition by “tuning” them, to recover the planet with the Notalium receiver, and find a vibrant globe combined with the sound of songs! Because 2 and half centuries past, nearly all of the planet is misplaced in a quiet that was clear under the impact of “ Al ” The impacted region may only be renewed through the use of an artificial merchandise before Ing Niente: the ” in the age On the other hand, before Ing Niente has yet to be decided the first approach folks employed to make Notalium, which is not possible to make more Notalium for today. The lone way to regain in the desolation and guarantee a tranquillity and relaxing planet would be to use the Notalium that is leftover.

Lanota Updated/Latest Version:

LanotaLanota Android game Apk


  • Distinctively designed 3 D and cartoon ” -the way that was dropping include the beat sport and a brand new flavour.
  • Link the experience by studying a poignant narrative in a picture book that is arty.
  • Discover more about the planet in Lanota by researching the chart and collecting different things as in a roleplaying with sport.
  • 10 degrees in 3 issues for beginners, high level skilled gamers and gamers to choose graphs that meet their demand.
  • Problems to analyze your hearts and discover more attributes that are hidden.
  • 16 fantastic tracks each by planet-renowned performers associated with the narrative.
  • Notice leader boards and your accomplishments, take on gamers all around the globe.
  • Additionally, discuss your recollections through Twitter and Facebook with friends and family in Lanota.
  • To find on your own!

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Beautiful Graphics The graphics in this game are really beautiful and the gameplay is kind of unique amongst rhythm games. The one thing I really wish it had is having some sort of sound every time you tap so that I know I actually pressed it. And also it greatly helps with keeping up with the rhythm. I personally pass on a lot of rhythm app games because of having no tap sound.

What’s with the MOD?

  • Paid Chapters Purchased


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