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Here’s LDS Ordinances Pro APK Full Android APP Free Download. The Ordinances and Blessings of the Priesthood. Ordinances of the priesthood are sacred acts given by the Lord and are effected through the authority of the priesthood.


Priesthood blessings are given through this authority of the priesthood and are intended to heal, comfort, and encourage others. The brethren who perform the ordinances and blessings must prepare for it by a life that is in harmony with the principles of the Gospel and a sincere effort to obtain the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They must carry out all ordinances and blessings in a dignifying manner. Ordinances and Blessings must meet the requirements given below; The ordinance must:


  1. To take place in the name of Jesus Christ.
  2. Be performed by the authority of the priesthood.
  3. Follow all the precise guidelines; For example, follow the prescribed words for the ordinance or use consecrated oil for health blessings.
  4. When necessary, it must be authorised by the priesthood leader who holds the appropriate keys.
  5. Ordinances requiring authorization from priesthood leaders are: naming and blessing children, performing baptisms and confirmations, conferring the priesthood and ordaining a priesthood office, blessing and sharing the sacrament, and dedicating graves.
  6. sacrament
    The ordinances and blessings explained in this section will be useful for parents to serve as patriarchs of their family.
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