Here’s the Legion War – Tactics Strategy APK Free Android strategy game download. Army War is a turn-based strategy methodology diversion, conveyed to you from Bear&Cat Studio. In this fabulous enchantment world, would you be able to lead your army to get by from adversaries’ test and compose your unbelievable? In the event that you are keen on turn-based technique recreations, SLG(Simulation) diversions, 4X amusements or methodology amusements like Advanced War, Ancient Empires, Lost Frontier and Civilization, you will resemble this diversion.

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Legion War – Tactics Strategy APK. MOD Updated/Latest Version:

Legion War Android game Latest android game free download

Legion War – Tactics Strategy LATEST ANDROID GAME FEATURES:

  • CampaignWe have 25( 15 human campaign& 10 undead battle) all around planned crusade levels. Units are being presented in every level. Every levels have a fundamental assignment and three optional objectives to give additional rewards if accomplished. Finish level will give you some amusement cash which you can use to redesign your units forever.
  • SkirmishIn clash mode you can set up your own tenets and test AI players in different adjusted diversion outline.
  • TerrainTerritory is a fundamental component thus based strategies amusement. We have 7 distinctive landscape – arrive, backwoods, slope, mountain, marsh, scaffold and water. Every landscape have its own modifier of assault, safeguard and development cost.

  • Units&LegionPresently we have two armies human and undead. Every army contains 8 one of a kind units, for instance human army has warrior, toxophilite, savage, professional killer, expand, gun, mage and knight. Every unit has distinctive quality and some of them have its own particular battle aptitude or uninvolved ability. There is a one of a kind redesign course for every unit, overhauling a unit will make it turn out to be significantly more capable and helpful.
  • BuildingThere are four working in the amusement. Mansion is use to enlist your unit and it additionally give gold to you. Town is the fundamental gold generation building. Hallowed place of sword and holy place of shield are structures that give credit buffs to your units.
  • Game AI Legion War – Tactics StrategyThe AI for this turn-based strategies straight amusement has been intended for quite a while. The execution of Game AI are distinctive in every Difficulty. It can assess the circumstance of current fight, select the correct units to counter your assault drive, make assault arrangement and enhance activities of every unit.
  • Map ThemeLead your army to battle in various subjects of guide: Ice World, Desert, Fire Land and Candy Paradise.

Legion War - Tactics Strategy MODS Legion War - Tactics Strategy


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Legion War - Tactics Strategy APK Legion War - Tactics Strategy MOD APK


Legion War - Tactics Strategy APK

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