Little Panda's Hospital 1

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SOS! It’s a group of hurt monsters! 【Kiki and Miu Miu’s Animal Clinic】 needs your help!
The squirrel monster has a broken bone! Align the bones. The snow monster is hurt! Treat his injury with the secret medicinal herb!
Seven cute monsters, 26 problems that are hard to treat, and 40+ mysterious tools are waiting for you. Show us your medical skills!
Are you ready? Let’s go! You are a little doctor who can treat any illness!

【Cute monsters】 A monster with four tails, a monster with one eye, a snow monster… “Help, help! Help me, please!” The patients are calling for help!
【Various diseases】 A flying monster with a 38-degree fever, a bear monster with chicken pox all over his face… internal medicine, surgery… There are so many illnesses to treat!
【Role playing】 Listening to the heart with a stethoscope, taking an X-ray, conducting a physical check-up… You can learn how to take care of a patient by pretending to be a doctor!
【Complete set of equipment】 A medical syringe, a respirator, a laser, an ECG. We have all types of medical equipment. Which one will you use?
【DIY tools】 You can learn how to be considerate by treating patients with a gold tooth, a cute band aid, or a magic potion. You can choose your own interesting tool!

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