Here’s the Masky Android Game Apk Download where you will participate in a yearly ball that is great. As you could dancing to the mystic sounds and encourage as many dancers. Maintain equilibrium and be cautious about particular abilities of dancers that are other goggles that are ’. Research sites that are distinct through the doors that are magic. Discover and update goggles that are exceptional – boogie lengthier and more, faster and quicker! The game developers Digital Melody have been known for their previous works like Timberman, Surfingers and Risky Rescue, this Polish indie game developer is back with another game called Masky, and you just have to play it to see how addicting it is.

When you’ve got all ten people linked and dancing with each other, you’ll be taken to yet another planet. Through the entire game, you can find enough variations to keep you on the edge of your chair: sometimes the colours turn into a white planet that is “ and depending on your own degree, the planet can be ugly.

Masky Apk Download by

Masky Apk Download by

As soon as you start the game, you’ll notice the strangely and highly stylised amazing artwork which is present through the entire game. The sport is clear-cut and easy, and you’ve got one single objective: maintain the equilibrium! This is truly a lovely, difficult, and most notably an extremely addictive sport as ordinary as that might seem. Offered all so, it’s no shock that the game was the victor of the 2016 prize for the game. What’s not unsurprising, nevertheless, is the reality the game was made in 48 hrs. Once you find out the gameplay of the game you will love playing it and its quite creepy.

Masky APK MOD Updated/Latest Version:

Masky Android Game DownloadFree latest android game

Simple eerie game! Eerie, simple, original. Awesome guys. Beyonce should try this game, To the left, to the left.


  • ultimate mystic dancing experience
  • 10+ worlds to visit
  • 10+ unique soundtracks to enjoy
  • many masks to unlock and upgrade
  • game centre, stickers and other fireworks included!

The game has advertisements – although – that is minimum however you can spend 99 cents to eliminate these. Click the download link below to get the game if you wish to give it a spin this weekend!

What’s with the MOD?

  • Unlimited Money MOD

Android Arcade GameMasky 2


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