Massachusetts Divorce App 1

This is the first comprehensive app for all your divorce calculation needs in Massachusetts. This app will calculate alimony, child support, and dates for divorce. It is also the first app of its kind to include dropbox integration, PDF generation of court approved forms, and air print capabilities.

This app was designed by divorce lawyers from Infinity Law Group LLC for use by other divorce lawyers, mediators, and judges in court.

The Alimony part of the app will allow you to calculate how long alimony payments will last, how much alimony is to be paid, and other possible alimony types besides the “general” type. The numbers generated by the app is in full compliance with the Alimony Reform Act that took effect in March 2012.

The Child Support part of the app will calculate the child support obligations according to the 2017 Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines which will be effective as of September 15, 2017. After inputting gross income, allowed deductions, age and number of children, the app will display possible child support amounts based on the amount of parenting time. It will also give you the option of generating PDFs of the guidelines worksheet for direct submission to the court. With the PDFs, you have the option to email them, send it to your dropbox, or air print them. No more having to copy the figures into a piece of paper! Just plug in the numbers and print it straight from the app for court submission.

**This app is for general information only. Please consult with an attorney for specific advice as to your case. The use of this app does not create an attorney-client relationship and the information contained in the app does not constitute legal advice. The firm and makers of this app is not responsible for the user’s use of this app.**

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Requirements: 4.4 and up

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