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MediaFolio is used to create and share private, personalized folios of digital information for individuals, groups, and organizations. MediaFolio is quick, easy, and designed to be mastered readily by non-technical users. Within minutes users can create multiple, closed, secure channels of mobile information and communication with groups of any size.

Each Folio becomes a private network for sharing a comprehensive range of content and messaging. Documents, spreadsheets, images, videos, web pages, and presentations can all be incorporated without alteration. Folios can be designed quickly and easily with personal styling or commercial branding. Mobile delivery and updating are fast and easy to manage.

Large organizations are using MediaFolio to:
· Distribute confidential reports to the executive management team
· Communicate promotional details and materials to the Sales Force
· Provide training materials to new recruits across the globe
· Share Human Resource policies and reference documents with the entire workforce

Professionals use MediaFolio to:
· Send confidential proposals with a branded set of rich media to significant clients
· Manage task force projects with participants from several organizations
· Organize meeting materials for reference by all attendees
· Maintain client profiles with extensive content from multiple sources

Individuals will use MediaFolio to:
· Create Folios of useful information for travel plans and social events
· Collect media from several sources for special interests and hobbies
· Put emergency contact information on the iPhones of their kids
· Arrange favorite photos into albums for ready access

MediaFolio provides a unique capability to manage old and new information technologies within the same content delivery system. Users have the flexibility to produce and present files of content using traditional programs, like Word and Excel, while simultaneously generating and sharing other materials using the new generation of mobile apps and cloud repositories. This is true for individuals looking to organize personal materials, marketers battling for their brand, and global organizations transforming their communications with a dispersed, mobile community. For many organizations and personal users, MediaFolio is your bridge to the future.

Category: Productivity
Requirements: 4.4 and up

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