MindCraft 1

*** You are waiting for exciting adventures on the new maps and locations, new weapons, objects, textures, and much more! Build your own home town, to grow their own animals, practice farms, fishing and hunting!

*** Start building Today. Create your ultimate fictional world. Enjoy this addictive endless world builders paradise.
– Easy and intuitive to use, build, delete, move, fly, jump and Save. and it is all for FREE!!!
– Easily set the building blocks you wish to set and build anything you can imagine.
– Choose the terrain, move through your world and make it remarkable.
– Enjoy a free set of blocks that include different grounds, tools, plants and more…
– Move through this endless world, save your work, come back again later.
– Choose to use your saved worlds or start from scratch, generate a new world, you can choose it to be flat as well.

*** Everybody loves building games , they have become popular all around the world; you can start with a few blocks and gradually build an empire. Explore and start crafting your visions. You can use many different items, so you could create your perfect kingdom. The world is endless, what makes it so intriguing.

*** Features:
– New generation of an infinite world
– Animals, Zombies, predators, new models
– Weather conditions, day and night
– Bright HD textures and objects of the world
– Many new maps and locations!
– And much more inside the game!
– mindcraft , exploration , survival craft , minecr

*** Ta.g: crafting and building and suvival survivalcraft playcraft 3d ( or play craft ) building game exploration BlockBuild.

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Category: Simulation
Requirements: 2.3 and up

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