MS Apps Manager 1

Fast MS Application Manager – the program is easy to use and contains four components regulating the activity of your phone.

Installed and System Applications

Functions Manager app:
❖ Open apk
❖ Stop
❖ Delete / Uninstall the program in one click
❖ See all the properties of the application and detailed information about it
❖ Permit for the admission of certain processes
❖ CPU usage
❖ Calculate battery power consumption
❖ Clear data
❖ Clear the cache
❖ Used RAM after 3 hours

Disabled System Applications

❖ Viewing disabled applications
Displays all the applications you have disabled.

❖ Restore process / Enable application
You can resume the process in one click.

Processes of your Android device

❖ View all processes
Full access to information about the processes that are currently running on the device.

❖ Stop the process
The process stops, but it will be restored when the system restarts.

❖ Turn off the process
Complete shutdown of the process.

❖ View process information
You can view the full information about the process, how much it consumes battery power, available resolutions, data usage and so on.

Category: Personalization
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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