Music Keyboard-Water Drop 1

Water droplets theme brings regular typing to life.

This azure water droplet music keyboard theme is a keyboard theme which has beautiful azure water droplet images.all of the keys and wallpaper are unique.
This beautiful keyboard theme is specially designed for people who loves  real touch feeling . Download and apply azure Water droplet keyboard theme you will get the feeling just like in azure sea and rainy day for free.And you can stylize this azure water droplet keyboard theme on your Android phone. No matter your phone is a Samsung or Huawei, azure water droplet keyboard theme will be practical for your phone.Also this azure water droplet keyboard theme is designed to let you enjoy a faster and smoother mobile operating experience.
This Water droplets keyboard theme also has sweet sounds like really touch on the water. It will give you a good mood.You’re like walking into nature.This is a theme of all ages, whether male or female, I believe you will be touched by this wonderful touch experience.
Just like that song, described in the lyrics”feel it on my finger tips.Rain, feel it on my finger tips.Hear it on my window pane.Rain, wash away my sorrow.Take away my pain.when your lips are burning mine and you take the time to tell me how you feel”.this theme has azure droplet bubble,that means if you like azure and azure then you will like theme.the background of this droplet theme is azure and the color of the keys are azure.all of these colors are elegant.if you like sorrow color then you will love this theme.the azure is sorrow.people who like sorrow droplet will like this theme.and this pretty theme will let you forget all of the sorrow in your heart.

How to Apply azure Water droplet rain droplets theme?
Note: Panda Keyboard MUST be installed

1) Download the azure Water droplet rain droplets music keyboard theme, tap the INSTALL button.
2) Download “Panda Keyboard” from Google Play Store. If you already have “Panda Keyboard” installed, please tap on the APPLY button. 
3) After “Panda Keyboard” is installed and applied, the azure Water droplet rain droplets music keyboard theme will be automatically installed on your phone. 


Theme Center: Find all sorts of theme categories, including tech, basic, cool, crystal, golden, pink and many more. You can find all the themes you love in the Panda Keyboard theme center.

Cloud prediction:With Cloud prediction this water droplet keyboard can give you candidate word more accurate and it can make your typing more easy.

Touch tone themes: Personalize the touch tone of your keyboard with different themes. Become a pianist while typing with our Piano theme or go retro with our Mechanical Keyboard theme’s typewriter tone. There are loads more supported themes waiting for you to explore.

Slide input:Slide input means u can type words with slide.that will make your typing more easy.
GIF:This azure water droplet keyboard theme has a lots of GIF that will give you a lots of funny GIF when you are typing.

Large emoji selection: When you feel that words are not enough to express your feelings, try sending an emoji! A large selection of emoji is pre-installed on Panda Keyboard for you to add more fun to your chats!

Category: Personalization
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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