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Macros Made SIMPLE!

Counting MACROS? IIFYM / Flexible dieting? My Daily Macros is a simple and INEXPENSIVE option for calculating your macro ratios and tracking your meals to hit your macros every day.

My Daily Macros allows you to:

– Calculate your own macronutrient prescription using the included tool, based on Mifflin-St Jeor formula.

– Add foods to your journal by searching through huge food database that includes millions of items from common brands and restaurants.

– Scan a product’s barcode to get its macronutrient information.

– See your remaining daily macros as you add foods to your journal.

– Modify any value in a serving to make it fit your macros. Want that sandwich but don’t know how much to eat to hit your macros? Just let the app do the math.

– Customize your meal names and add additional meals if desired. Eat 5 meals a day? Customize to 5 meals. Eat 10 meals a day? Customize to 10 meals.

– Check off foods as you eat them by marking them as Consumed.

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Category: Food & Drink
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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