Here’s the My Town Beauty Contest APK Full game free download Android educational game. Magnificence challenge has touched base to My Town. Prepare for the world loaded with excellent outfits, astonishing cosmetics and an energising challenge like no other. From getting your most loved character on the front of a magazine to setting up the stage, you can do everything in the new My Town Beauty Contest. It’s your diversion, your guidelines, your experience!

My Town Beauty Contest 2

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With our computerised dollhouse amusements, kids get an opportunity to make their possess enterprise. Our amusements motivate inventiveness and creative ability while elevating children to find new stories and better approaches to playing.

“It’s the main diversion she plays on her every day Ipad time”


My Town amusements are about encountering, envisioning and having a fabulous time. Our advanced dollhouse amusements permit a huge number of children to have another enterprise regular! Our recreations advance creative energy and tranquil diversion for children when playing alone or with their folks.

Sufficiently simple for 3 years of age to play with guardians, sufficiently exciting for 12-year-olds to play alone!

Principle SHOWROOM

Make your own one of a kind wonder challenge appear. Setup your music band, utilising the lift raise great adornments for the stage, spruce up your challenges and see who won!


You can not begin your excellence challenge without having your hair done by driving hairdresser. look at the new hairdos and super cool hair add-ons.

Form PHOTOGRAPHER in My Town Beauty Contest

Select from one of the astounding foundations, select your magazine cover and print an immense blurb of your excellence challenge victor. Don’t neglect to hang your publications around to advance your character.

Blossom SHOP

No challenge is flawless on the off chance that it doesn’t have a huge amount of blossom courses of action and bunches. With more than 60 distinct alternatives the measure of bloom game plans and customization are unending.


Come into get your face and hair to search perfectly for the challenge. Huge amounts of exercises such as cosmetics, hair styling, hair ladies, facial treatment thus a great deal more!

Attire STORE

more than 50 distinct outfits, shoes and extras this is the best area for form and style significant others!

My Town Beauty Contest APK. MOD Updated/Latest Version:

android educational game download full paid game free download


  • 14 characters including contenders, vendors, organise director and some more
  • Use the stages lift to bring things from the capacity situated under the stage
  • Over 400 distinct things
  • Select your most loved hopeful and put them on a publication!
  • Create astounding blossom bundles and hand them out to the champ!
  • Place challengers on the platform to see who gets the most votes
  • Emotions are super imperative, you choose what every character feels.

My Town Beauty Contest MODS My Town Beauty Contest 3


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My Town Beauty Contest APK My Town Beauty Contest MOD APK

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