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My Word is brought to you by Destiny Cards! At last, after 33 years, the very popular Destiny Card pack is available through the ether. My Word can bring more clarity, fun and focus to your life. It can inspire and guide your day to day interactions, your decisions or your approach to a difficult situation. Simply shake or swipe your mobile phone or tablet to have your word of the day revealed.

The experience and functionality of Destiny Cards is reproduced by your My Word app from the convenience of your smart phone or tablet. Destiny Cards, comprising 56 carefully chosen individual cards/words was designed and published in Sydney Australia in 1984. Due to popular demand the My Word app now allows you to pick a word where ever you are, without having to carry around the physical deck. The app allows you to save and keep the words you pick as well as share them with your stories straight to social media. Your word can be used for guidance, information and inspiration to make your journey through life happier, more peaceful and more productive. It can also be useful in starting conversations, or, as each word is defined it can assist in understanding meaning and pronunciation of each word. For more information please visit

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Requirements: 4.1 and up

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