Neon Chrome

Here’s Neon Chrome APK Full Android Game free download is an endless twin stick on the top-down shooter with degrees that are procedurally created and destructible environment. Select your character, enter the lift and make an effort to bring the Representative down – again and again. Neon is a never-ending concert of expiring battle, enhance and replicate – several gamer’s have more than 100 hours recorded!

Neon Chrome is top quality sport full of innumerable bullets environment, huge explosions and AI behaviour that is abundant. Apparatus that are older might fight to operate the sport with framerate that is large.


  • Procedurally created personality advancement utilising loot out of your runs
  • Fully destructible degrees – authentic endless replayability
  • Constant RPG- environment
  • Opponents security officers to gigantic employer float tanks
  • Perk system in the form of cybernetic enhancements
  • Benefit system in the kind & discover improvements, skills and weapons

Neon Chrome was created by 10tons – the company behind the cult hit game Crimsonland.

Get it on:
Requirements: 3.0 and up

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