Network Signal Booster 1

Are you tired of low signals stopping you from making calls?

Are your messages forever bouncing back?

Never fear because a solution is at hand. We’ve put all of our tech minds and skills together, and created the Network Signal Booster: a handy app that runs silently in the background to provide the strongest possible signals. Simply install and let Network Signal Booster do the rest.

Once installed, Network Signal Booster seeks out the strongest signal for your phone. It is perfect for keeping you connected to the world when you are on the move.

To get your tweets and status updates to where they need to go, it has to be Network Signal Booster!

Network Signal Booster is the only app that quietly works away to give you the strongest signal all day long. Every day, it refreshes your phone’s signal to get the strongest possible connection to whatever network is near you.

Note: Our unique method of enhancing your signal works on nearly every Android phone. Some phones may have issues, but we are working to support 100% of Android devices.

Contains an ad: We love the app business. To help us focus on doing what we love, we’d really appreciate it if you had a few seconds to watch the single, 100% optional ad after the intro screens. Thanks for your support!

Category: Communication
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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