Oceanhorn ™

Here’s Oceanhorn ™ APK+OBB Full Android Game Free Download. You locate a notice out of your dad and awaken. He could be gone…The single guide is a pendant that is mysterious as well as his old laptop. What occurred? Download this Role Playing Game on your Android.

Research the isles of Unknown Seas, a planet filled with mysteries, questions and many risks. Battle with creatures, figure out how to make use of magic and find historical items which can help you in your search. Usability and all of your wits to solve the puzzles of sea monster Oceanhorn and early empire Arcadia.

Oceanhorn ™ joins fascinating gameplay that is fascinating, breathless 3D pictures and story-telling into one huge action-adventure experience you Won’t ever forget.

Love an amazing soundtrack in the movie game composers that are top on the planet:
Learn the game quickly with control or precise contact handles.

Please Note: Oceanhorn is a free to download a premium game with a single in-app purchase to unlock the full version.
You can play the first chapter for free and test it on your device first.

Oceanhorn ™ Story:

Long ago, the monster “Ocean Horn” which continues to live still, inviting the great disaster to the world. A father who went on a journey so that his son will not get caught in the monster. The boy of the hero who is the son goes on a journey approaching the mystery of Ocean horn, in order to find such a father … This work opens.

The game content is an action adventure that fights with enemies and unlocks the tricks while progressing. I am going to explore the clues leading to the ocean horn while visiting the “islands” scattered throughout the world along the story and exploring the dungeons.

Without body and lid, “The Legend of Zelda” itself. Strictly speaking, “the takt of the legend of Zelda”, the place where we are going around while traveling around the island is followed by the same work as it is. Even when going around the island, I traced this same work that crossing the ocean with a ship. There are also developments that mines and monsters block sailing while sailing and sink them off with artillery.


  • Customizable Graphics Settings
  • Requires 1GB RAM
  • Songs from Ito and renowned Uematsu
  • Learn wonder hrs of narrative driven gameplay.
  • Discover things that are historical that will help you in your quest
  • Precise Contact and swordfight
  • Sport Solutions Accomplishments
  • Precise Contact hrs of narrative driven gameplay.
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Requirements: 4.1 and up

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