Here’s the Oh Sir The Insult Simulator Apk Download where The parrot is straight back in the deceased getting innumerable abuses that are fresh Mister, for the removal! Recall that stupid sport that turned friends into foes, ruined households and separated fans? Here’s its heir that does actually more, surely with more range and more design. And I’ve evidence! This moment you are able to distribute affront on earth that’s Internet accessibility or – if you’re perhaps not the most sociable to everyone – you perform with yourself and can sit. Push prod.

Oh Sir The Insult Simulator 2

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I played countless game in my life,been a gamer beginning in around 84, and over the last couple years there’s been a lot of games I loved but they got stale fast, but for as small and simple as tgis game is im having a blast with it, thanks guys, id love to see more updates ,maybe new characters,locations, insults ect. Ps l loved this game so much I even bought the steam version

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So don’t allow the parrot inform that grumpy old lady that her cousin models naked for some canine and those organs were donated by her husband to get a peculiar girl laying in a lake and die for no Thing. Subsequently fulfil with a retired hipster who respects images of a plant that is grunting, also a fake European who lent a human body that is lifeless to set on crumpets and his tea cup. It the only sport that allows you understand that clinically established, and what’s This Is of Existence!

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Oh Sir The Insult Simulator ANDROID GAME. FEATURES:

  • Loner Competition Style: Battle your way through numerous scenarios that are exceptional and verbally attack your CPU
  • Real life Buddies Style: Double against your real buddies ottoman, on a sofa, or other things that you like to sleep on your bum
  • Imaginary Friends Function: Vocally take strangers from around the globe down on the web, and provide the discomfort that is humorous across any apparatus utilising the sport’s Cross-platform Multiplayer
  • 5 Uproarious Usable Figures: Each using their own sounds, characteristics that are far-out and insult
  • 4 Battle Scenarios: lay out some mental ju Jitsu across 4 distinct test scenarios and surroundings that are energetic
  • Bellicose Conflict Program: Criticals, use combinations, continuances and additional fresh mechanisms to outsmart your competitors that are argumentative!

Oh Sir The Insult Simulator Oh...Sir!


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Oh Sir! The Insult Simulator APK Oh Sir! The Insult Simulator MOD APK

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