One More Animal 1

Fast, fun, hard and addictive gameplay.

“I installed it earlier this afternoon. Unknowingly, I lost about four hours of my night to this novel little game.”

Gameplay: One More Animal can be played with a single finger, tapping the screen makes the animal jump to avoid obstacles.

Help animals avoid static obstacles, moving obstacles or holes in the ground. Every time you die you return to the beginning of the level. One More Animal is a non stop game. There is no rest, no limited lives. There are a method to support the continued development of the game, you can talk to your friends to play it.

One More Animal will serve to train your mental agility.

Up to 300 levels (currently 90 available in game).
Up to 10 animals to play, unlock them by playing

No ads, no user tracking.

In the tundra world levels are more challenging. The purple world becomes a little less challenging but they are still hard and you can play with the parrot, you can unlock it at level 28.

Animals available:

-Hippo (not yet)
-Rabbit (not yet)
-Panda (not yet)
-Monkey (not yet)
-Pig (not yet)
-Giraffe (not yet)

The game will receive constant updates over two months. If you have any suggestions you can leave them in a comment and I see if I can try implement it.


– June 11: Added Sand and Tundra World(60 levels).
– June 18: Added Purple World (30 levels).

– Stats Panel.
– Random Level Generator(aka Endless Mode).
– Dirt World (30 levels).
– Grass World (30 levels).
– Cake World (30 levels).
– Choco World (30 levels).
– Snow World (30 levels).
– Castle World (30 levels).
– Metal World (30 levels).

Category: Arcade Brain Games
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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