Here’s the Paper Wings Apk Download Android arcade game by Fil Games. This unique sport is an arcade name where you will be commanding an origami- document fowl or bird. Once you assume control of your bird, you are going to be wanting to travel around the region, including striving to gather the dropping spots with your owl and showing at another side, and travelling from the end of the display. You need to keep on doing this while preventing distinct risks (red balls) for provided that it is possible to. You will be killed by reaching a risk and it will be sport over. You must gather these facts that are dropping so that your bird living.

Paper Wings 2

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It seems quite great the way it’s drawn off, although creatively the sport has a very simple style of artwork to it. In complete you will have 20 different varieties of birds that you just have the ability to soar about with and you’ll ultimately discover. It is going to get considerably more demanding, therefore consider this among these easy to get but hard to understand a variety of games, as you advance through the sport.

Paper Wings MOD APK Updated/Latest Version:

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  • Intuitive, unique and simple flying mechanic.
  • Beautiful and minimalist origami inspired graphics.
  • 20+ bird species from all around the world.
  • Daily quests, challenges and achievements to unlock.

Paper Wings Apk free downloadPaper Bird flying game

Enjoying it Love this game from the gameplay to the graphics and i like that u can get different birds

How To Play?

  • Guide your origami bird in the air.
  • Collect all the coins.
  • Avoid the hazards.
  • Unlock other species and complete the bird family!


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Paper Wings APK Paper Wings MOD APK

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