PasswordWallet 1

The only password manager that lets you easily transfer your data with any computer with no special software. Share your data with PasswordWallet for Mac and Windows: includes a 25% off coupon for Mac and Windows versions.

PasswordWallet is fully functional, no gimmicks, ads or extra in-app purchases

One price buys it all: No surprise limits or features only available with in-app purchases.

– Strong, Secure Encryption with 448-bit Blowfish
– Create a random password for every site, or store existing passwords.
– Easy Backup and Restore with any computer without special software!
– Quick auto-typing of usernames and passwords right in to web pages!
– A COUPON for 25% off the Mac OS X and Windows versions of PasswordWallet!
– Easily share wallets with iOS, OS X, Windows.

Category: Productivity
Requirements: 5.0 and up

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