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Check out the new way of browsing the web!
Peanut allows you to write a comment directly on any website regardless to the host of the webpage. You can write your comment, share a screenshot, tag friends, and follow your friends or favorite commentators throughout the web.
Peanut browser is the world’s first social browser for Android.
With Peanut you own your browser and are no longer a guest on the web. Peanut browser revolutionizes the browsing experience and turns browsing into a social experience.
Peanut browser has all of the standard features browsers have: lightning fast & secure surfing, unlimited opened tabs, History, Favorites etc. (Just like Chrome, Firefox, Opera Etc.).
Peanut browser created a second layer for the entire internet, which allows you to have an impact on any Web page. You can comment on site, share your comments with an automated screenshot button, rank the page and create a private discussion regarding the web page they are viewing. The second layer has the user’s content and is not “managed” by the host of the webpage.
Peanut browser is a great platform for surfers to engage with Website hosts and with other users with just a slide of the finger “on top” of the Website.
With Peanut browser you can share your comment seamlessly to Facebook and Twitter or to your friends directly on Peanut.
Sharing links in an easy and intuitive way – You can share the link to Facebook, Twitter, Email, Linkedin, google +, SMS and all of your social networks or contacts.
Today there are two Internets, the social interactive one and the passive browsing one – Peanut browser brings the two together!
“Say, Share & Own Your Browsing”
 Comment on any webpage – Be a part of the page and leave your impact – Own it!
 Automated screenshot sharing – with one click you have a screenshot of the webpage ready to edit and share to all of you social platforms, with or without your comment on the page.
 iPeanut – Personalized feed where you can see your friends latest comments throughout the web.
 Profiles – hit on any name and review their profile with all of their latest comments throughout the web.
 Follow writers you choose and see more of their comments in your feed.
 Rank any webpage – Help other users get a first impression of the page you are on – Own it!
 Write your comment and tag your friends directly about your thoughts.

Category: Social
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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