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Here’s the Pepi House APK Download Free Android educational game. Meet and welcome the enormous Pepi family in PEPI! Join 10 exquisite characters in their everyday life. Make your own situations, play, investigate and have a great time! PEPI HOUSE is a fun and safe instructive diversion for children about day by day life in a family unit. PEPI HOME is an advanced variant of a traditional toy — doll house. We composed PEPI HOUSE to be as reminiscent to genuine toys as could reasonably be expected, however, the computerised component permitted us to offer much more.

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While playing children can learn essential home guidelines, investigate day by day schedules, take in the names and utilisation of various gear, try different things with different things and find numerous new things consistently. There are many things inside PEPI HOUSE , the vast majority of them can be interfaced with and some of them can be blended and coordinated for great outcomes!

As usual, we at PEPI PLAY urge guardians to play together with children. Clean up rooms in a fun way, make new house leads in the virtual world first and after that apply them to your everyday life. Discuss exercises, widen your vocabulary, test and in particular have some good times and sound giggling!

Investigate the computerised doll house by basically checking the earth and associating with it – settle your family auto, do the clothing, spruce up characters or make them a great burger! Need much more? Proceed, utilise our lift to move things between the floors, find new combos (blends) or even trick a portion of the house inhabitants to see their responses! PEPI is about the flexibility of settling on your own decisions and realising what you can do with different distinctive things or their mixes.

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  • 4 house floors speaking to various ranges of a family unit.
  • 10 distinct characters (Including most loved pets!).
  • Hundreds of things accessible for play.
  • Themed rooms painstakingly speaks to genuine environment. Every room is loaded with different things you’d hope to discover in a genuine house.
  • Great livelinesss and sounds.
  • Can be played in a wide range of ways. PEPI HOUSE is about the opportunity to test.
  • Digital adaptation of a traditional toy doll house
  • Use the lift to move things and characters between various floors.
  • No in-application buys.
  • No outsider publicising
  • Recommended age: 3-7

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Pepi House APK Pepi House MOD APK

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