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Piktures pro apk download for free is a super gallery program that is easy to use, nevertheless. You won’t find any gallery which makes it get your photographs. To get your folders slide. To get your drive that is protected or your own cloud drives, slide on the right. In addition, it has some attributes which you won’t find anyplace else although piktures has. No issue, you can start some of your camera programs in addition to the camera. Piktures provides access to of your editors to you without forcing you to select one. We have you covered. Piktures full includes a QR code scanner that is super. Piktures, no issue makes it possible to resize photographs. You may eliminate your GPS data. While Piktures includes a video player, you may select that video player and with your movie to perform without committing to the player.

    You may also have photos on your internal SD cards and an external hard drive. Piktures let you access and manage your photos on your SD cards. For external drives, Piktures supports the USB OTG standard that let you access them when they are formatted in FAT16 and FAT32
    Hide your most private photos behind an encrypted Secret Drive that only you can access with a PIN code or your fingerprint
    Piktures comes with an integrated video player and supports animated GIF.
    New photo and video formats are constantly added to the list of supported files
    Piktures offers a unique calendar view to browse your photos in an original way. It is very convenient if you want to get quickly to your birthday party’s photos
    Piktures allows you to resize and remove location before sharing
    Through the support of Chromecast, you can beam your photos and videos to your TV. Other protocols such as DLNA and Airplay are being developed.
  • Cameras & QR CODES
    If you are power camera users, you probably have multiple camera apps on your phone. Piktures is the only gallery apps allowing you to access your native and all your third-party camera apps
    Piktures also comes with a super convenient QR code scanner with its own dedicated folder to retrieve your previously scanned QR codes.
  • NO ADS
    Most of the features are available for FREE, with no ads.
    The premium version is meant for power users who have multiple simultaneous clouds. Since there are no ads, it is our way to support the development of Piktures.

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Piktures is designed by Diune, Piktures android download permits you to get your photographs disseminated on cloud providers. It supports OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox and cloud solutions will probably be included in the coming months. Please note that we aren’t connected with Microsoft Google and Dropbox.

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