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To provide patients with the simplest and most effective scheduling interface when they need it most, we created Pillbox: a “simply designed, simply operated” reminder and calendar app that utilizes minimalistic designs and intuitive navigation to enable the elderly and recently released patients to track and remind themselves of medical needs or events, regardless of their comfort with technology.
The key to this whole application is its innate simplicity and ease of use for the user. By using large buttons and simple prompts, we created an interface that doesn’t cause users to search for or guess at what is asked of them.

Using this application, you can create and account to store data on the cloud, and sign in to that account to access data on all your devices. If you are a caretaker, you can sign in to the same account as the patient on your device to schedule medications and more for your patient or loved one. Using the simplistic interface, users can set, edit, and delete an event on the schedule. When it’s time to take a medication, a notification will appear and the device will vibrate to ensure that users will be notified. You can add the information of one or more doctors for easy access, in case of emergency or just as a helpful reminder.

If you need to reset the password for your account, or wish to delete it, please email us at thefirsthonyak@gmail.com

Category: Medical
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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