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Pocket Cowboys: Wild West Standoff APK+MOD Download is a real real-time, class-based, strategy game set from the lawless Wild West where players SECRETLY select their activities before showing their decisions at precisely the exact same moment. A total of 12 unique character to collect and upgrade like the Sniper, Demolition, and Trapper, unlocking their skills and equipping gear. Go on a killing spree to earn yourself a name in the bad world of thugs by becoming a wanted criminal but also take care as it also increases the bounty on your head!

You need to make a choice to MOVE, SHOOT, or RELOAD as you engage in this super engaging multiplayer shooting game.

Pocket Cowboys: Wild West Standoff 2

App Name Pocket Cowboys: Wild West Standoff
Android Required 4.4 and up
Total Downloads 100
App Size 95 MB
Root Required No

It certainly is large noon in dry-brush and stand offs are abound. Saddle as you float your posse from prison and build the most wanted gang within this lawless, untamed frontier! That would be the most wanted cowboy and that will probably likely be pushing up daisies? This town is not big enough for many of these! Every super hero has their very own distinctive personality, trendy abilities, gadgets and even outfits.

Game Features:

  • A Real-time Player vs Player action game
  • A total of 4-player with a minimum of 3 death matches
  • A strategic game with class
  • A lot of gears and skills to unlock as you progress
  • The more havoc you create the more wanted you become with a huge sum of bounty on your head which helps in booting your rewards.
  • There are some helper characters that will help you survive
  • Dangerous characters that add luck and test your strategy
  • Map events, like dust storms, that keep match duration short
  • Weekly events take place thus raising your fame
  • You can also challenge your friends in direct matches

Pocket Cowboys: Wild West Standoff 3Pocket Cowboys


  • 12 different and interesting character classes
  • 24 momentum-shifting skills, unique to each class’ play style
  • 14 handy gear items and sidearms, perfect for gaining an advantage
  • 8 Wild West themed maps, spawning different game play elements

What’s New with Pocket Cowboys: Wild West Standoff:

  • Saddle up for strategic, class-based game play. Choose to MOVE, SHOOT, or RELOAD as you engage in exciting multiplayer shootouts:
  • 12 diverse character classes
  • Real-time, PvP action
  • 4-player, 3-min death matches
  • Wanted status for raising bounties
  • Weekly event matches for raising fame
  • Direct matches for battling against your friends

Pocket Cowboys: Wild West Standoff 4Pocket Cowboys: Wild West Standoff 5



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  4. Launch the game and enjoy.
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Requirements: 4.4 and up

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