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Hello, my name is Shawn McDevitt and I want to help you avoid having to make the toughest phone call as a business owner you will ever make!
The toughest phone call a business owner will ever make will be to the family member of a loved one killed in a workplace accident!
That is why I developed the Pocket Safety Trainer app. My app is aimed towards helping employers avoid having to make such phone calls.
The pocket safety trainer app with its user friendly interface helps employers with mobile workforces efficiently and consistently safety train their employees. The app also is equipped with OSHA mandated inspection forms for such things as daily forklift walk arounds, daily trenching logs and auto lifts.
The Pocket Safety Trainer helps to provide the necessary documentation in the event of a regulatory compliance audit from OSHA. The Pocket Safety Trainer app can also provide documentation that can aid employers in helping make them more defensible in the event of third party litigation stemming from a workplace accident or fatality.
The Pocket Safety Trainer app can help employers lower insurance their workman’s compensation premiums through safety performance as well as to help protect an employers greatest asset. Their employees!

—Shawn McDevitt

Category: Business
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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