PokeFarmer is the heir of MyGoBot and provide’s the most sophisticated Pokemon Go robot in the marketplace. Created utilizing the most current systems. Just download the robot and operate the PokeFarmer.Patched.exe, authenticate using your Pokemon Go log in info, fix the bots configuration for what you’d like to do and the robot will automatically start communication with the Pokemon go servers- to catch Pokemon’s, spin Pokestops., incubate eggs and many other options.

This is an Amazing bot with constant updates, and listens to ideas and ways to improve the bot from the discord community, and chats with the discord community, and amazing support in discord if you have any problems.

PokeFarmer BOT:

  • Farms Pokémon
  • Visits Pokestops
  • Farm Items
  • Breed Eggs
  • Teleport Easily
  • Map Available
  • Transfer Pokemon
  • Info Of Pokémon like Cp,IV Available
  • PTC And Google Enhanced Login
  • Works with Windows Vista – 10
  • Easy setup
PokeFarmer Auth Key


pokefarmer license key

Poke Farmer update

Changelog 09/13/2016 (Build 136)

  • New Feature: Pokefarmer displays now a transparent circle of your active walking radius.
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, Pokefarmer did not prioritize rare Pokemon.
  • Fixed: Minor API issues.
  • Fixed: Looting Pokestop does not fail anymore if your inventory is full.
  • New Feature: Display Movesets (Attacks) in My Pokemon UI
  • New Feature: Display Pokemon Types in My Pokemon UI
  • New Feature: Display Candies To Evolve in My Pokemon UI
  • New Feature: Display Candies To Powerup in My Pokemon UI
  • New Feature: Display maximum possible CP value for a Pokemon at current trainer leve and at level 40.
  • New Feature: Display all possible Evolutions of a given Pokemon in My Pokemon UI
  • New Feature: Display Pokemon Origin (Lure, Map, Egg, Evolve) in My Pokemon UI
  • New Feature: Added Brazil (Portuguese) language.

How to Run the PokeFarmer Bot?

  1. Go to PokeFarmer folder.
  2. Click PokeFarmer.patched.exe file.
  3. Go to Settings/General And choose Any option you prefer (Easily Understandable).
  4. Next, Go to Catching And edit your Pokemon catching strategy.
  5. Now Finally Click Start Bot.
  6. You Will Get Login with PTC OR Google.
  7. Deliver Your Account Details And Login.
  8. That’s It.The Bot has started working.
  9. Done
  10. Like us on Facebook
  11. Still, don’t get it working? don’t worry just drop us a message at http://facebook.com/apkreal our response time is less than 10 minutes.


PokeFarmer v1.0.110 Request Update
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