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NO BANS! Pokemon GO Desktop Version Two BEST And the SAFEST Ways to Play Pokémon GO from your PC Computer using Keyboard sitting at Home right now by Downloading these two Softwares and setting them up using the steps given below! It’s time to Complete the POKEDEX!. It started has a moonshot, leading to people getting outside to get these anime animals that are cute. Capture digital Pokemon figures in the world that are real! Hugely addicting sport, Gets Individuals outside, together, researching and energetic, Brings back the nostalgia for 90’s 80’s, But some damage was triggered from individuals that were over zealous while being consumed in the sport not seeing their atmosphere.

You are in the right place if you want to play Pokemon GO on your Desktop/PC/Computer/Mac/Windows, now ease yourself and read every step carefully there are two methods, very easy!

  • Pokemon GO Desktop Version For WINDOWS: Method 1 and Method 2 works
  • Pokemon GO Desktop Version For Mac: Only Method 2 works so scroll down and use the good Method 2

Remember, use the Facebook floating chat head on your right to ask any concerns/issues regarding the steps mentioned here.

Pokemon GO Desktop Version


Download and Install BlueStacks Player on your computer. The installation is straightforward and you only have to follow the on-screen directions to finish the setup. found it once the software is installed. Before we get started we are going to need to download a couple more files.

  • Pokemon GO that is as revealed in the screenshot it’s already there after the Bluestacks installation.
Pokémon GO Desktop

Pokémon GO Desktop

  • Establish – After installing,  select place/chart symbol as shown in the picture below. You will be taken by it to the location map app, where your preferable place the pin where you want to be in the game by double clicking and setting the pointer.
Pokémon GO Desktop

Pokémon GO Desktop

In some instance of BlueStacks update unless you discover fake GPS it can be installed by you from Google store.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t make cross-country place adjustments as this might be thought to be the activity that is unusual and will help you get banned. If your try to escape, perhaps your report is enduring a gentle-prohibition by the game, that is why you should always place the mark at your actual location and you are safe!

Download Pokémon GO Desktop version

Bluestacks – Map

Pokémon GO Desktop

Download Pokémon GO Desktop version using WSAD Keys

After looking the place, click the orange Play button in the bottom-right. Then reboot the app by clicking X mark and start it again to be sure the place that is established. The place may automatically be preserved.

  1. NOTE– Once you select a place and clicks Options -“>> “Reboot Android Plug-In” . That is not unimportant for the place that is fresh to consider the impact.
  2. You are able to utilize computer keyboard keys W,A,S,D to move on the map chosen (in northern,western,southern,eastern way correspondingly). Also, we may utilize shift key + WSAD for the character to move quicker.

You’re prepared to play the sport! That’s fine if the Pokemon GO program takes some time to start. You upward the same as you might on device or a routine Android. It is possible to login with Google and your previously established up Pokemon go accounts will be automatically loaded by the program. BlueStacks let you utilize your google accounts that are currently connected.

Pokémon GO Desktop version Download

Pokémon GO Desktop version

When the game eventually starts, you should discover yourself the fake GPS you placed early. If the Pokemon Go game doesn’t instantly find where you are, select “Set Location” image as mentioned previously. Pick an area or double click on the chart by hitting play option and establish a place that is bogus again. With attribute that is upgraded, BlueStaks trembles when you are arrived nearby Pokemon. When your display trembles it’s possible for you to look about and make an effort to capture Pokemon.

Every time you want to move to a different location, you have to go to “set location” icon in order to set a new fake location or else you can walk or run using W,S,A & D key to move around your current location.


How to Fix Crashes when Catching Pokémon GO?

Start Pokémon GO on the Bluestacks pokemon go desktop – then go to Settings > Account then remove Google account. It’s a hurting yet, you are going to have to reenter your account information whenever you depart the game for a short time. Then repeat this method each time you meet a crash.

How do I fix “Failed to detect location” error?

Change the GPS to High Accuracy, move your location on Fake GPS and restart Pokémon GO. (If this does not work then do teleportation fix below.)

When I try to disable AR, everything freezes or crashes.

Disable camera by going into Run > type REGEDIT on your computer and navigating to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > BlueStacks > Guest > Android > Config”. Press camera and change to decimal then change the 1 to a 0 then save.

Pokéstops not working/Pokémon fleeing after 1 Pokéball?

You probably traveled too fast and got soft-banned. Don’t fret it only lasts one hour.

My player keeps teleporting between locations.

Install an app from Google Play called Disable Service and allow root, look for Service then click Fused Location and disable it. Then click Settings in the top right of bar and Restart Android Plugin.

When I start Pokémon GO I get a gray screen.

Either close BlueStacks entirely and relaunch or uninstall BlueStacks and redo the tutorial above.

Pokemon GO Desktop Version 


Pokémon GO is an augmented reality mobile game created by Niantic for Android and iOS devices. Because it’s launch that was current, it’s acquired an excellent reputation among players. Now the sport is exclusively accessible several states that are small, yet with Pokémon GO Desktop version Nox App player you catch the Pokémon and can perform it anywhere in just about any state in your Windows Computer without leaving your table. That is excellent for those who don’t get the game however within their state and undoubtedly also for individuals unable to get outside.

Step 1: Obtain and install Nox Application for Computer from NOX APP PLAYER For Windows And For Mac get it from NOX APP PLAYER

pokemon go desktop version

pokemon go desktop version

Step 2: Start Nox  App Player : Pokemon go for Computer version, you will discover the Pokemon-Go symbol on the primary window and wait a number of seconds

Pokemon GO on Desktop

Pokemon GO on Desktop

Step 3: Click Pokémon GO icon, log in with your Google account and start play!

Pokemon Go desktop version

pokemon go desktop

Yes! It’s that easy!

Pokemon go desktop version:

  1. AR: the augmented reality technology needs to use your camera and capture your surrounding environment. This is apparently not suitable in the PC case. Make sure to turn AR off from the upper right corner of the game otherwise, you may find a glitched screen.
  2. Keyboard control: In the game, your character to wander around using the WASD tips could be controlled by you. If you are interested in having a clear picture you can change the opacity,  just look at the image below.
Pokemon Go desktop keyboard wsad

pokemon go desktop

Worldwide Location: The part that is best! Select the Place switch on the sidebar and pull to pin yourself everywhere on the chart, then click the OK button at the bottom bar.Nox App Player Pokemon Go Version

Pokemon GO Desktop


Don’t have time to catch Pokemon? Worry not, we have you covered. 
In summary, bots are using Niantic’s API to catch Pokemon GO as if it was you, it is you who decides the location and speed, level, CP of the Pokemon. Pokemon trainers may utilize a bit of leveling up in the game without really putting in any effort themselves as a way. The Bot moves about, attracts Pokémon, hatches eggs in the incubators, and sees with Pokéstops just as an actual man would, merely without disclosing the user to exercise.
The endless enjoying offers an apparent edge in terms of completing their Pokédex and leveling up. As Niantic has begun breaking down on bot users, we have the safest Pokemon GO Bot on Earth, no lie. Click on the post below for the BOT Download link.

Pokemon GO BOT Anti-Ban Hackemon [Windows/Mac/Linux] (Auto Catch, Ban Safe, Sniper)

The BOT plans to be humanlike as possible. Gamers may establish the jogging rate (several indicate speed above 25km/h or Niantic begins to get suspicious) and additionally Central Park is the best to Complete Pokedex.



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