Princess Kayla: Book 1 1

This premier interactive (“choose your own adventure”) story takes kids on an adventure where they face tough choices. Your kids discover wisdom, increase their reading skills, and have fun all at the same time.

Our interactive stories are narrated with read-along text for earlier readers, while each plot line engages children across multiple levels. Recommended for children ages 4+. Reading level for ages 9+.

Plot description. Gorof the neighborhood dragon won’t clean up his messy cave, and now the people are complaining to Princess Kayla. How will she deal with the dragon, and how will he respond? It’s up to you, as you choose your own outcomes and determine the course of the action!

This story for young readers demonstrates how emotion and outside pressure can affect our judgement, and that every interaction with another person involves the elements of personal experience and perspective.

Come along with Princess Kayla as she deals with the dragon who won’t clean up!

Value encountered in the story: cooperation.

Moral of the story: we are happier when material things serve us rather than master us.

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Category: Education
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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