Comment on Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 by Sam.

I have made the game work now.
But I can’t play with real teams?
Only first match Barcelona – Dortmund, but after that I can’t play with real teams. Only same as fifa with my own team that I need to build?

Also there is no controllers or buttons for pass, tackle, shooting or other buttons.
Only by touch the screen?!

Sam Also Commented

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
I have installed the obb and apk file and es file explorer and moved obb to android obb.
But I can’t find where to start the game?
I have clicked on the obb file in es explorer, but first it keeps saying that there is not enough space on my device.
After uninstall many games and other apps then it open a choices: text, audio, video, image, other.
I clicked on others then it shows all my apps and programs.
I tried the green pack installation but I get a message with some parsing problem?
How I can install this game/app now?
If not possible then how I remove/delete again so it doesn’t use more than 1 GB space on my phone if not working?

Please help me.
1. How I install the game/app now?
2. If not possible to install, then how I delete remove this apk and obb files from my phone to make space on my mobile again?