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Did u dnt download another OBB, or u didn’t set this old one well before now??

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
In fact I kept trying, I failed to download when it reaches the end, it will finish the bar den say download failed, I have tried 4 times and wasted 1.2gb in total, fix this please

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
Please I tried downloading the English commentary with the original apk it failed wen it finished downloading, I don’t knw why? Is there a problem or should I try again with stronger network?? Help or do u have the commentary data???

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
Is it only one game mode?? No exhibition?? Only my club?? And Chelsea was not given the right uniform ooo, and my club coins saying no item available for purchase, and I have the two apk, what should I do

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I clicked it, I showed obb ND apk, I choose apk it said not found, but I click obb it showed 116mb, where is the apk pls