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Here’s Project Analytics App APK for Android. This App is a perfect tool for project managers or project controls professionals. Consider this, while in a meeting or review the contractor provides reports that only supply certain information that doesn’t allow management to make a full assessment of the project health. However, the minimal data supplied by the contractor allows for input to the APA App for quick evaluation of performance on complex projects that use earned value methodology, Schedule Health, or Quick Risk.


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Project Analytics App ANDROID FEATURES:

  • Schedule Phase Definition Slider
  • Schedule Level Definition Slider
  • Fragnet Examples: Onshore, Offshore, Subsea, Commissioning, Oilfield, & Turnaround
  • WBS Examples: Onshore, Offshore, Subsea, Phase, Organization, & Cost Breakdown
  • Schedule Analyzer
  • Earned Value Calculator
  • Risk Calculator
  • Forensic Scheduling Knowledge
  • Assessment Tests

Project Analytics App main features include Calculators & Standards:

Earned Value Calculator:
Enter the standard earned value data [BCWS, BCWP, ACWP, & BAC] and the APA App will generate the predicted values within Earned Value Methodologies. This enables you to identify forecasts that our beyond reasonable thresholds. This data is sharable so you can provide your input to a colleague or manager while reviewing the data as the meeting with the contractor is occurring allowing for necessary dialogue to identify immediate problems with the project.

Schedule Analyser:
When reviewing schedules by the contractors, the necessary data can be entered into the calculator to see if the Schedule Health appears optimal. When reviewing this data with the contractor, an important dialogue can occur to improve the scheduled health.

Risk Calculator [3 Point Risk]:
When management is trying to achieve a confidence in Dates or Values. Enter the confidence level Dates or Values and the Project Analytics App provides the 95% confidence using the industry standard 3 Point Risk method. This provides an important set of discussions that could lead to potential mitigations with further management discussions.

Schedule Phase Slider:
Industries use different terminologies during Stage Gate decisions for projects; however, they all intersect with commonality throughout engineering, design, & construction. In this slider, all terminologies are aligned with the most common set of deliverables.

Schedule Level Definitions Slider:
A key factor in pursuing optimal CPM Scheduling is that all parties involved must agree with level definitions. Provided in this slider is the industry best practices terminologies and definitions of schedule levels.

Assessment Tests:
Test your industry knowledge in Planning/Scheduling, Earned Value, EPC Knowledge, or Procurement Knowledge.

Project Analytics App is only intended to share industry knowledge, or identify high-level indicators of the project health. Absolute project correction requires the project team to perform detailed due diligence on a frequent basis in order to truly manage a project.

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