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PUBG Mobile is the most trending game on Android with a battle royale gaming style. In PUBG Mobile Beta Apk, you can experience the beta features of new updates coming to the official version of the game. This latest beta, version 1.2.0, brings high-frame-rate mode on HDR quality, a new submachine gun, and several seasonal upgrades too.

Download the latest beta version and experience the new update which will available in official servers. You can also report bugs to PUBG mobile team. Get the chance to experience the new features of PUBG Mobile first.

PUBG Mobile Beta v2.0.0 for Android:

App Name PUBG Mobile Beta
Android Required 4.0+
Total Downloads 1,000,000,000+
App Size 1.9 GB
Root Required No

The HDR option in PUBG Mobile renders the game with better colors and with a higher contrast ratio, making blacks blacker and whites whiter. You will not able to use the high-frame-rate mode(Extreme) with the HDR setting. This HDR option is only available on most high-end Android devices that support it. Go to Settings > Graphics to enable it.

pubg mobile beta apk

Pubg Mobile beta apk(HDR Mode)

PUBG Mobile Beta What’s New:

The patch notes announced that players will get a chance to play the Bonfire Mode and New Arena Gameplay – Armory Arena. Besides the latest styles, certain supplements should also be made to the Cheer Park. This list of new features adds new Cheer Park and Quick Draw Features, Firearm-Specific quickdraws, shooting range elite challengees, and some sound improvements.

In the latest beta update, the overall UI of the game has been changed to a new theme. The update will also see a brand new mode included in the game. Apart from this, estimates of glitches and bugs have been fixed. And the good news for PUBG Mobile players is that the beta testing phase of PUBG Mobile 0.19.1 has begun, and a lot of new exciting features have been added in this new version.

  • New UI for Game
  • More Bugs are fixed
  • A brand new model added.

Older Updates:

Pubg mobile beta apk

PUBG Mobile PP-19 Bizon(New SMG)

A new submachine gun(SMG) called “PP-19.” Here is a 9MM Submachine Gun with a detachable oversized magazine that holds 53 rounds of bullets. The capacity of the magazine cannot be upgraded with extended mags. Scopes and muzzle attachments can be added to the gun like all SMG available in pubs mobile. The PP-19’s single-shot damage is 35/bullet and the rate of fire is similar to what you get with the UMP9. The PP-19 has the advantage of a full kitted weapon early in a match, but won’t be as the game progresses like normal.

Download Now :

PUBG Mobile Beta v0.19.1 APK

Older Version:

PUBG Mobile Beta v0.14.1 APK PUBG Mobile Beta v0.13.5 APK

Here is the full list of season system upgrades and other improvements:

  • Season User Interface has been re-designed and improved to make it more intuitive and fancier.
  • The classic mode results screen has been adjusted. Rating and Tier changes are now more visible on the screen.
  • Players will learn more detailed changes from the previous season at the beginning of each Season.
  • The ranking system’s algorithm has been tuned to slightly increase the weight of total kills points, so kills now have a bigger impact on Tier.
  • Tier transfer rules have been revised. Starting from Season 8, Tiers below Gold are transferred as-is to the next season.
  • Tier icon visuals have been improved.
  • Reach the Diamond tier to get Season-exclusive weapon finishes.
  • Reach Crown or above to get a special team-joining effect and name tags.
  • Reach Ace or above to get a permanent season title.
  • Rewards will now be automatically sent to players at the end of the Season.

Other Improvements:

  • Title visual effects have been tuned.
  • Some mythic outfits are now shown with weapons drawn.
  • Fixed the bug where players could not move the avatars of their teammates in Team Deathmatch.

How to get and install PUBG Mobile Beta 0.19.1?

  1. Download the latest beta version from the download section
  2. Remove the older beta version if any already installed.
  3. Install the downloaded app
  4. Launch the game
  5. Allow required permissions and enjoy the new beta version of PUBG Mobile.
  6. Don’t forget to like and subscribe

PUBG Mobile Beta 2

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Requirements: 4.0

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