Real Soccer League 1

Now this awesome sport game is better than ever! The soccer players are fast and angry, nothing stop them in front of the winner’s podium. You can try your abilities to go through this furious challenge.

Here you have rules of the game:
Score points by carrying the ball from a starting point into the opposition’s end zone. Use end zone in front of your team to score and don’t let opposing team to reach yours. Run the show on offense and defense.

A play begins as usual when the ball is moved from the ground into the hands of the players. Of course you will be harassed by the other team but this is the American football.

Game is divided into four quarters of 60 seconds each. So, build your own offensive and defensive teams. You have an opportunity to play as quarterback, receiver, linebacker, cornerback by yourself during the game.
This action sport battle is the most immersive, streamlined football experience on mobile. It’s time to play football!

Show off your skills on the pitch like never before to be a world champion!

Fight your way forward with running plays.
Play as the franchise quarterback.
Practice strategy and special plays.
Cross the opposition’s goal line with the ball.

Category: Action
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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