Reigns Apk download cracked paid apk for Android free will remind you of the Tinder app with swiping left or right to make decisions, combined with ruling a kingdom. The game provides you with requests that are innumerable to cope with from different figures on issues impacting your empire. Stating yes may curry more favor with you, although like, the top priest may request to construct a brand new cathedral. Or, your aid might be requested by a witch, and it can lift your position with the folks, but reduce your position with the cathedral.

Download Reigns Apk Android

Reigns Cracked Apk

Reigns Apk Download

  • Apk Updated: August 17, 2016
  • Apk Size: 65M
  • Installs: 100,000 – 500,000
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Android: 3.0+
  • Developer: DevolverDigital
  • Download: Scroll down to the bottom for Download link

You will be overthrown by an army that is powerful, an army that is poor may guide your competitors to ransack you. Run from cash, which’s clearly an issue. But get overly cash, when individuals fete how loaded the empire is and you also die of a heart attack. You cannot acquire. Death will all come for us, also if you keep everyone happy. But high scores can be placed by you for the best rule, similar to English royals has. I expect she does! And so may you, with Reigns Apk Download Free!

Reigns work’s perfect as a one-handed mobile game that can be played whenever. It makes sense for the game to be on a desktop, absolutely, because it’s such a compelling experience, and playing with a mouse instead of a thumb doesn’t take the fun away from the game.

Reigns Apk Download

Reigns Apk Android


  • This corrects the data corruption bug, notably on Nexus 5x, 6p and 4. IMPORTANT: If you had that bug, you need to reinstall Reigns Apk Download (updating won’t be enough).
  • Note that as a consequence (on all devices), your current King won’t be saved if you use the “home” and “menu” button + a swipe to quit the app. You will automatically start again at the previous King.
  • To quit the game and save your current progression, please use the “back” button (on the left).

How to Install Reigns Apk Download :

  1. Download the Reigns Apk from below
  2. Install the Apk
  3. Done
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  5. Enjoy!
  6. Still, don’t get it working? feel free to drop us a message using the floating chat head on your right.

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