Here’s the RETSNOM Apk Android adventure game which is an imaginative pixel art puzzle platformer that allows players to break the map, by reflecting parts of the amount, and rearranging it to the fly to conserve a daughter that is sick. You’ve got a child. A virus sadly infects her. The lone way to keep your girl would be to visit the lab that is potential to steal the medication that’s anticipated to be created by your co-workers. But the study group that is potential is hiding in the labyrinth utilising showcases. The labyrinth utilising distinct options that come with a reflection in each degree was adorned by them.

RETSNOM Apk Download by

RETSNOM Apk Download by

This game is a dark pearl happens to us right from the East. Do not be fooled by its appearance “yet another independent pixelated platformer.” It is rich, interesting, demanding, and more is not very expensive, what more? A nice surprise also comes at a price more than reduced. You just have to try it to know that is different and worth. This game is rather challenging. The music creates a great atmosphere, I would definitely buy the soundtrack if it was available. The mirror mechanic is VERY cool, creating a robust platformer. Very artistic, smooth, polished. It’s really a nice little game. You must reflect by mirroring the block near you to find your way through the level. If you press a button, you can tap your head on the ground until death. You can crush genetically unstable human under wall. It seems there is a fire key, going now to find my first weapon. Indie/Trading cards

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Awarded the best android gameRETSNOM Free Download

This is a brilliant puzzle game that will have you thinking hard about what to do next.


  • Original puzzle platformer that permits gamers to interrupt the guide, by rearranging it to the fly, and reflecting parts of the amount
  • Exceptional questions pixel art design
  • 61 narrative|narrative that is depressing} and beautiful soundtrack that is hauntingly
  • 17 Accomplishments
  • Stories of *time travel paradoxes and yet another planet in the reflection with 2 distinct finishes|time-travel yet another planet in the reflection with 2 distinct finishes and paradoxes}
  • Stories of {time degrees in 5 different worlds, 3 hidden periods and collectable reward pieces
  • Heavy narrative that is depressing and beautiful soundtrack that is hauntingly

Mirrors have several features.

  • Mirrors seem to reflect objects left to right.
  • Frost on the mirror’s surface makes image invisible.
  • Concave mirrors invert the image upside down.

All these principles are employed to enhance questions. The manner should be understood by gamers how the globe to resolve the points is flipped by showcases. The capacity to bend the globe to a participant may is as gamers make their way through this somewhat scary planet an extremely trendy gameplay mechanic, that benefits experiment.

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