Here’s ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) APK Full Android APP Free Download. Storage, inadequate RAM is too little? Take advantage of your card as a storage growth that is working! A Storage Supervisor which makes your life more simple as you believe…
A developer that was great once mentioned to inadequate Memory -Memory just aids-. Persuade yourself how this guy had.
Use your SD card as a working memory expansion! A Memory Manager which makes your life more easy as you think…from Android 1.6 More storage indicates that history jobs may never more automatically end, and lots of applications may operate right, to begin with!
On several devices, you will find issues with games need lots of storage, this fixes the issues RAMEXPANDER. Plus they are able to perform with newest games on apparatus that otherwise wouldn’t have the ability to begin programs that are such. No more out-of-memory! Forget about storage is complete!


  • Free
  • In-Depth Storage partition!
    degradation, when paged not, happen from type-8 with a secure digital card
  • Swappiness parameter establishes
  • Simple fool-proof use storage as a use (CHANGE RAM / CHANGE STORAGE)
  • no-limit on CHANGE growth up to 4.0 GB (filesystem limitation)|}
  • The typical performance degradation when paged not happen from type-8 with a secure digital card
  • Gadget for PNP partition!
  • In-Depth Storage exchange (swap on ON AND OFF off swap)
  • Autorun
    (1 click marketing and automated computation)
  • Helping Tung all humanoid devices (main entry and Kernelswap help)

ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) works better than another device of its own type Why? The Initial find out!

RAM expander assistance by means of a gadget off and at lightning-speed of storage that is extended.
By doing this it is possible to eliminate the card despite set up or swap files via Universal Serial Bus.

Additionally, you may sign, primary school the changed kernel variables also command the potency of extended storage improve.
Only cost-effective entry-level phones usually have small Ram, assist both here or Job Fantastic applications to carry on but one utilizes a swapfile, which will be enough storage available. ROEHSOFT Expander transforms your apparatus easier. Several programs, you should begin in once and don’t have to concern yourself with your Memory.

Expands every humanoid device up to FOUR GB of storage in which it makes a swap file to the SD CARD.

Optimum dimensions of the change file are design needs 4GB!
It is possible to command the behavior of the kernel, the more complex the value the more is out-sourced by establishing the happiness value.

Please note! For just about any harm which could come from using this program won’t be liable!

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Requirements: 2.0 and up

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