Here’s the Rookfall Android puzzle game apk download full unlocked game free download. The aim would be to eliminate the tiles by touring them over. The rook moves in a way as much as feasible. Your route will be blocked by dropped rooks. Discover yourself caught? Reset and attempt again. The rook’s look may change as degrees are completed by you. Uses spatial focus and thinking.

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Addicting -what I was looking for this game is actually challenging on a lot of levels so it doesn’t get old fast. love it! A great mind challenging game! which is amazingly fun. Puzzle games are a genre of computer games that emphasise puzzle solving. The kinds of questions may analyse many problem-solving skills including word achievement, design acknowledgement, series solving, and reasoning. The gamer might have efforts or infinite period to fix a problem, or there might be easy questions created hard by having to finish them in real-time. Puzzle games focus on logical and conceptual challenges, although often the games add time-pressure or other action elements. Although many action games and adventure games involve puzzles such as obtaining inaccessible objects, a true puzzle game focuses on puzzle solving as the primary gameplay activity.  Games usually involve shapes, colours, or symbols, and the player must directly or indirectly manipulate them into a specific pattern.

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Rook fall Rookfall Mod

A challenge!? I accept! Complete the puzzle and fall peacefully into everlasting nothingness, fail to do so and face eternal solitude on a checker suspended in the vast vacuum of space. Challenging, addicting and entertaining.


  • This is a new type of puzzle game for all ages.
  • Play as the rook!
  • The goal is to remove all the tiles by travelling over them.
  • The rook moves in a direction as far as possible.
  • Fallen rooks will block your path.
  • Find yourself trapped? Reset and try again.
  • The rook’s appearance will change as you complete levels.
  • Uses spatial reasoning and forethought.

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As an alternative to introducing a haphazard set of puzzles to resolve, problem games usually provide some questions that are connected which can be a variant on a motif that is single. This topic can call for reasoning, design acknowledgement, or comprehending a procedure. These games typically have an easy set of guidelines, where game pieces are manipulated by gamers on system, a grid or additional conversation area. So that you can reach some success state, that may subsequently enable them to progress to another grade gamers should solve clues. Finishing each problem may generally result in a harder problem, even though some games prevent tiring the participant by providing simpler degrees between types that are mo-Re challenging.


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Rookfall APK Rookfall MOD APK

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