Here’s the Root Explorer Pro Apk latest real cracked apk for Android Nougat 7.0+, Marshmallow Android 6.0+, KitKat 5.0+, Lollipop 4.0+ and later this root explorer pro cracked 4.0.2 is the file manager for users getting the whole of android’s files system attributes contain several tablatures, easy founder Push, Package, Dropbox and community help, SQLite database audience, Texteditor, generate, navigate and extract any documents, remove RAR archive files, variable-choose, run programs, research, remount, authorizations, bookmarks, deliver documents via e-mail, blue tooth and so forth, picture thumbnails, source APK binary XML viewer, change document operator/team, produce symbolic link, “Open With” service, MD5 encryption technique.


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Root Explorer Pro Apk- Updated/Latest Version:

root explorer pro apkRoot Explorer Pro


  • You edit the file different file types a feature which only root explorer pro allows to do so on Android
  • Endless browser tabs
  • It is possible to see information which can be concealed for safety functions for example information of games and the programs you saved in android.
  • It’s SQlite database several choose documents that are remount, for documents, deliver documents via Wireless, e-mail and so on and additional fascinating features.
  • Cloud storage
  • Much More!


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Root Explorer Pro APK

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The Root explorer pro is truly small in proportion and therefore, it won’t use up an excessive amount of time to download and space inside your device memory. The majority of these apps aren’t proving many characteristics to their apps. When you run the app it gives you the choice of rooting your phone straight away and a choice to run it at boot.

Root explorer pro apk additionally extends to you new permissions, a whole network access which is essential for the cloud access and network. Besides having so many practical functions, the app doesn’t require plenty of space and it is quite easy and fast to update. It is a forced dual-pane app which usually means you are going to be managing two windows simultaneously pretty much all of the moment.

You could also manage files from an internet browser. All files are offered at no cost. The file is going to be sent to the extension, and AirDroid will begin the installation. You can now close and save this file also. You are able to access all your files from your Android and share them with other individuals. From here, you’re going to be able to choose the APK file you’re attempting to install or only drag it in the box with Root Explorer Pro.

Everything is simple to access and should the tools are simple to access then your files are simple to access too. When you’ve got root access there’re a couple distinct options it’s possible to take. A simple approach to get root access on lots of phones at this time is to utilize. About the only bad part about root explorer pro is the shortage of root access. You’ll need root access to finish the next stage.

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