Rootless Pixel Launcher

Here’s Rootless Pixel Launcher APK Android APP Free Download. AmirZ has come along and made something pretty sweet: a modified Pixel Launcher APK with all of the cool little extras that the Pixel comes with.

AmirZ shared his “rootless Pixel Launcher port” story with r/Android. When he found out that Google had intentionally disabled the little things that make the Pixel Launcher so great for non-Pixel devices, he set out on a quest to rectify the situation. He ended up decompiling the Pixel Launcher APK and imported the code into Launcher3 (the AOSP launcher). With the help of another developer called DeleteScape, he was able to create this masterpiece.

Rootless Pixel Launcher APK. LATEST/UPDATED VERSION:

More small changes

  • Forced the Pixel accent colour throughout the app, instead of the default teal on many ROMs
  • Fix for the swipe up everywhere feature breaking widget scrolling




reddit (/u/AmirZ)

Get it on:
Requirements: 2.3 and up

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