Secret life of ladybug 1

The life of modern teenagers is full of adventures and surprises. Marinette is an ordinary girl who goes to school πŸ“’, in love with her classmate Adrian, but carefully conceals it. ❀ With a stone of miracles in the earrings, it can turn into a charming ladybug 🐞.

Adrian is the dream of all schoolgirls in Paris, but he pays little attention to them, since his heart is subdued by Ladybag, who does not reciprocate with him. His miraculous stone is in the ring. During reincarnation, the young man turns into a Cat noir. 🐱

The dark master of butterflies conceived a new evil plan! 😈 Help the ladybug to stop him. I use magic power and stop the enchanted monsters.

Learn new spells in the school of magic. Use enchanted dress and accessories to take over in battle. πŸ‘‘ Create your magical style! Choose your magic wand and win all the monsters! πŸ‘

Pass incredible tests, open new clothes and create a unique image for a stylish lady!
Pass through all levels of the magical world πŸ’Ž: the magic castle, the garden of wonders and others! You are waiting for an epic battle against dark butterflies!

Unlock all the secrets of the magic of stones! Behind every door of a dark fortress are hidden exciting quests! Do not let the monsters get too close otherwise you will lose your life!

🐞 How to play:
➑ Draw miraculous symbols over monsters! With each level they become more and more!
➑ Pour skills and discover new boosts that will help defeat all bosses.

A fascinating arcade game with your favorite miracle characters

🐞 Simple operation
🐞 3 game modes: infinite, zen and arcade
🐞 Music and sounds help immerse yourself in the world of heroes
🐞To work without internet and online
🐞 Free miraculous game

Category: Adventure
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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