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SONGWright is an App developed by songwriters for songwriters.

No matter the instrument, style of music, or experience level this app is a great tool for songwriting.

Select from 14 different keys to write in.

Includes built in music theory mode, that will only let you select chords that transition well with each other. This music theory is used by professional songwriters, to produce hit songs.

Select chords yourself, or use the “pick for me” option, and the app will select the
next chord.

Built in playback system, that offers 3 different speeds and how many times it plays each
chord, letting you to listen to what you’re writing, as you write it, or when you done.

Includes in app Notebook where your progressions can be saved, managed and reviewed at any time. Every time you save a progression the app will includes the key it was written in, for future reference.

Other features are
+ guitar and piano chord charts
+ basics on songwriting
+ key charts
+ common chord progressions
and much much more..

There is over a million chord progression that can be made with this app.

Has no Annoying Adds, and needs no permissions.

Requirements: 2.2 and up

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