Space Men 1

Here’s Space Men APK Android Game Free Download. A game where you dodge as many asteroids as possible, gravity randomly changes, and there are several power-ups to ease the difficulty. You can’t touch the edges of the screen, so be careful. Your character constantly moves down, unless you tap, you move up, you randomly change gravity, which switches your controls. There are power-ups, one being a star, granting invincibility and allows you to knock asteroids away and touch the edges of the screen. Another is an hourglass, which slows asteroids down and allows you to have time to flip over.


  • Fixed crashing [probably] completely now.
  • Changed the slowdown to make asteroids move 2/3 speed, but don’t spawn slower
  • Made the timers much easier to understand.


  • More power-ups and features to be added very soon! Good luck!
  • Developed by Hunter Kepley, a highschool student.
  • Developed so far only for Android by Hunter Kepley, the game is using LibGDX as a framework, I do not own libGDX or any rights.
Get it on:
Requirements: 2.3 and up

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