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“…it’s probably time you downloaded the new Planned Parenthood Spot On app. Seriously, it’s pretty awesome.” — Bustle

“…a smart, unassuming, useful piece of technology — thank the gynecological cosmic forces.” — The Cut

“This new period tracking app is a serious game-changer.” — Teen Vogue

“We’ve already downloaded it — have you?” — Shape

With Spot On — a birth control and period tracking app powered by Planned Parenthood — staying on top of your cycle has never been easier or more fun. Track your period, fertility, and birth control in one simple interface, with no pink flowers or butterflies (though you may see an occasional dinosaur). Spot On will help you stay consistent with birth control reminders, guidance, and tips — no matter your method. If you’re not tracking a method, you can get period predictions that get more accurate the more you use the app, plus a heads up when you’re likely to be fertile. And, because everything in the app comes directly from the world-class sex educators from Planned Parenthood, you know it’s reliable and safe.

Track your period & cycle:
• Your flow — from spotting to light to heavy days.
• Your symptoms — fatigue, cramps, or stomach aches.
• Your activities — exercise, sex, or sleep quality

Track and manage your birth control:
• Support for users of the pill, IUD, ring, implant, shot, or patch — including discreet reminders, countdown to your next shot, or countdown to IUD or implant removal.
• Personalized advice on the right steps to take if you get off track with your method.
• Tips and guidance on how to manage or switch your method.

Spot On also offers:
• Your menstrual history at your fingertips. Import period data from other cycle tracking apps, and export your data at any time.
• Resources and answers from Planned Parenthood experts to common sexual and reproductive health questions
• A link to Planned Parenthood health centers near you

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