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Here’s Star Fleet Galaxy Warship APK Android Game Download. In the faraway future, with the development of the technology, human beings formally start to march toward the unknown universe. In this boundless star-ocean, my great commander, you should remember that you are the one to decide whether to attack or to defend, to conquer or to destroy.


Star Fleet is a game based on the background of future science. It is an RTS+SLG real-time strategy game of star wars with a same server globally. The players act as the star commander to organize the strongest star troopers and build a powerful alliance to defeat the enemies through resource collection, technology research and warship construction. From the explorer of the boundless universe to the conqueror of the galaxy, you will use your intelligence and courage to win the battles!

Star Fleet Galaxy Warship APK. LATEST/UPDATED VERSION:

  1. Now the players can take PVP wars with allies as a team.
  2. Now the players can collect resources with allies as a team.
  3. Now the players can dispatch reinforcement to the allies to help with their defence.
  4. Now the players can intercept the marching objects.
  5. Now the players can recall the marching fleets.
  6. The Legion Pack has been added; the players can achieve plenty of awards after upgrading legion techniques or purchasing packs.

Star Fleet Galaxy Warship ANDROID FEATURES:

  1. Large-scale multiplayer online PVP battle, with millions of players online globally for fighting at the same time.
    -The perfect and elaborate 3D scenes will bring you real and excited star world!
    – Building and matching the strongest star troopers to lead your star warships and crush down your enemies!
  2. The boundless universe is to be explored and occupied by the players, and the Big Star-Ocean Age comes.
    – Entering the boundless universe map to collect abundant strategy resources.
    – You can conduct dozens of military actions freely, including occupation, assembling, support, scout, attack and transportation, to go for your own honors!
  3. Create and operate large-scale space fortress to build unbeatable star fleets.
    – Build magnificent star factory to unlock immeasurable cutting-edge technology.
    – Assembling the outstanding and legendary generals to construct the unprecedented powerful warships to gallop across the battlefield!
  4. You will command the legendary space warships to choose tactics according to circumstances.
    – A short moment determines the victory in the universe!
    – Numerous of originally created space warships and hundreds of weapons are for you to acquire and intensify!
  5. Organize and build a star alliance to make friends all over the world.
    – Creating or joining in an alliance is very significant!
    – Developing the alliance, assisting each other, upgrading the buildings or fighting against the enemies with the like-minded friends from the whole world!

Download Star Fleet now to join the confrontation between strength and wisdom, and compose your own star epic!

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