Steampumpkins 1

Here’s Steampumpkins APK Free Android Action game download. Join the pumpkin conflict and capture the planet by means of your launch! Whoever scores triumphs, the many fresh fruit bulls-eyes!

Together with the place-based sport, you are awaited by thrilling duels, where, at actual locations in the whole world, it is possible to aim by using GPS and a compass. What way how far is Tokyo, or is Nyc?

Compete with foe and friend world-wide! Update to steel yourself against ravaging fresh fruit attacks also your launch to enhance your attacking ability. In your munitions plantation develop more hard hitting examine its impact instantly in your competition and launch fresh fruit with unique characteristics!

LATEST Steampumpkins FEATURES:

  • Play the friend against friend, a duel
  • Conquer the Steampunk global location – based game
  • Upgrade increase hard hitting fruit
  • In your munitions farm competitors from throughout the world
  • Create your catapult
  • Fight a duel, friend your own combatants
  • Challenge Punk world
  • Analyse first place that is global – based game
  • Conquer the Steam-Punk

Dear Tester,

Thank you for your interest in participating in the open beta of Steampumpkins!
Steampumpkins is the first worldwide Artillery Game in which the real world serves as a playing area for an epic fruit battle!

We look forward to your feedback on gameplay, balancing, graphics & performance! You can send notifications about bugs, suggestions, feature requests, praise and criticism to us through Facebook or by e-mail via [email protected]!

Your Steampumpkins Team

Get it on:
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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