Here’s the Stickman Assassin 18 Mod Apk Download Android shooting game where your job as the Stickman Assassin is to guard the city against criminals. The city has become a very unsafe place to live since the criminals are breaking out of prisons and committing a wide range of crimes like carjacking, purse snatching, drug dealing, planting bombs in the city. You cannot risk the lives of the people of your city  so you need to shoot down and kill each bad guy alive in the city. Be the Stickman Super Sniper Hero and get rid of all your rivals. Remember don’t hit the civilians and Go for the headshots. The civilians are waiting for their saviour in Stickman Assassin 18+

Stickman Assassin 18+

Stickman Assassin 18 Mod Apk by

Stickman Assassin 18 Mod Apk LATEST VERSION:

Stickman Assassin 18 Mod ApkDownload Stickman Assassin 18+


  • High-Quality 3D Graphics!
  • Awesome City Environment!
  • Multiple Targets and Scenarios!
  • Amazing Sound Effects!
  • Challenging Sniping Missions!


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  3. Launch the game
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Stickman Assassin 18 Mod Apk

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